What to expect from your visit?

A very personalized experience, tailored to each individual based on their needs at the time.  Consultations vary in length and frequency.  The first session lasts approximately 2 hours in order to provide enough time to discuss histories and all related issues which may, or may not, seem relevant at such time. Please bring in bottles of all current prescriptions, herbs and any supplements being taken.

A visit to Sarasota Healing Arts, where you will find Heather’s office, is an oasis in Sarasota.  Our mission is to offer a “place of sanctuary for exploration and attainment of healing; a purposeful experience to consciously reinvent our concept of health”.

The first consultation rate is $120. Each additional session runs $60 Per Hour. Additional charges may apply based upon individual needs and services. Inquire for special needs. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions. 941-924-4700.

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Consultations in Detail:

  • Personalized herbal and essential oil formulas based on need
  • Herbal and nutritional supplement education
  • Research and education on possible contraindications between pharmaceuticals, herbs, drugs, and/or foods
  • Environmentally friendly and eco conscious consumer education
  • Aromatherapy education
  • Organic gardening and nutrition discussion
  • Creative visualization techniques and positive thinking strategies
  • Guidance on strength training, body toning and body mechanics
  • Guidance with yoga, earthing, laughter, and a healthy sex life
  • Referral for Acupuncture which is provided in-house by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM)
  • Referral for Deep tissue and/or hot stone massage provided by an in-house licensed massage therapist

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