Heather’s total body, mind and spirit wellness approach includes a non-invasive personalized assessment during your initial consultation. Please bring in bottles of all current prescriptions, herbs and any supplements being taken, as well as any relative bloodwork and testing results.

Initial Consultation $200 (2 hours)*

Additional sessions $90 (1 hour)

Personalized Guidance Package (6 months, 18 sessions, $1,200)

Combo Package with Personal Trainer (Call for details)


Services include:

  • Assessments and creation of personalized protocol to assist in achieving optimal balance
  • Custom formulations of organic and sustainably harvested therapeutic-grade herbs in multiple forms for individual clients and practitioners
  • Liaison between client and doctor(s) to create a team of health care providers who work in complementary ways
  • Education & supply of top-of-the-line supplements
  • Creative visualization techniques and mindfulness strategies
  • Guidance on aromatherapy, strength training, body toning and body mechanics
  • One-stop-shop with a personal trainer included in package deals! Click here
  • Education on yoga, earthing, laughter, and a healthy sex life
  • Environmentally friendly and eco conscious consumer education
  • “House Call Session” – if traveling is not comfortable, I can come to you
  • “Clean out the Junk Session” – a holistic perspective on your home
  • “Garden Session” – assistance in planning and implementing a vegetable and/or herb garden, whether it is in a container on the balcony of an apartment or on the ½ acre in the backyard
  • “Sacred Outdoor Session” – inquire for a session outdoors
  • Referral services included – extensive network of local & regional expert practitioners

*Financial assistance/sliding fee schedule is available for those people in unique circumstances who need additional support; Veterans welcome!

Heather's Holistic Healing - Services

Heather's Holistic Healing - Services