Services offered:

Heather’s total body, mind and spirit wellness program teaches a holistic approach to health, and may include:

A non-invasive body assessment will be performed during your first consultation.  This simply is a question and answer period, as well as a visual analysis of the client.  This will aid in determining the types of herbs and nutrients which may assist in bringing balance to your body, mind  and spirit.

  • Assessments to determine what herbs and nutrients can assist in bringing balance
  • Custom formulations of organic and sustainably harvested therapeutic-grade herbs tailored to each individual
  • Custom blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils made specifically for each individual depending upon needs
  • Liaison between client and their doctor(s) to create a team of health care providers who work in complementary way
  • Assessment of current or relative blood work
  • Education on the latest research involving top-of-the-line supplements; and current research on herbs, food, and nutrition
  • Private lectures or presentations are available
  • Creative visualization techniques and positive thinking strategies
  • Guidance on strength training, body toning and body mechanics
  • Education on yoga, earthing, laughter, and a healthy sex life
  • Environmentally friendly and eco conscious consumer education
  • Aromatherapy education
  • House Calls!!  If travelling is not comfortable, I can come to you;  I also offer a “Clean out the Junk/Chemicals/Toxins” session, where I go through your home and from a holistic perspective make recommendations about what products, foods, etc, may need to be discarded to support optimal health and wellness
  • Assistance in planning and implementing a vegetable and/or herb garden, whether it is in a container on the balcony of an apartment or on the ½ acre in the backyard
  • “Sacred Beach Journey”:  Have you ever heard of Nature Deficit Disorder?  With our current lifestyles many of us spend too much time indoors; inquire for a session outdoors

Referral services include:

  • Referral for Cranial sacral work
  • Referral for Acupuncture which is provided in-house by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM)
  • Referral for Deep tissue and/or hot stone massage provided by an in-house licensed massage therapist


Holistic Healing Services Sarasota, FL

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