Customized Blending

All herbs and essential oils are therapeutic grade, organic whenever possible, wild harvested and/or sustainably collected and always tested to ensure purity. The herbal extracts used in custom blends are sourced only from the most reputable companies in the United States. The essential oils are obtained from small distilleries all over the world, preferably where the plants from which the oils are extracted are natives. These artisan distillers take great pride in extraction techniques which ensure the greatest medicinal properties are maintained within their oils.

This is a sampling of what’s available due to the nature of customization, and creating made-to-order blends. Popular items continue to be The Traveler and The 7 Thieves essential oil roll-ons, Protection & Love body spray and Cough Tincture. Please contact me for any custom blending needs, or call 941-924-4700.

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