“I recently purchased the essential oil blend called Thieves prior to my trip to France. All crew members on the river boat we were traveling on had a very nasty virus. I was fortunate to have my Thieves essential blend with me on the trip and was one of the few individuals who did not come down with the virus.

Also, during the holiday season 2013 – 2014, Heather packaged 20 vials of thieves for me to distribute to some of my favorite clients. Most of these clients traveled for the holidays and only one women said she came down with a virus over that period of time. The rest of my clients all were in marvel that they were able to ward off infections and viruses that were floating around.

Heather is extremely knowledgeable. Take a trip in and chat with her about your concerns.”


“Thank you for forwarding the requested products. Your expertise and concern for my health is greatly appreciated and you are such a delight!”

“I was dealing with a cold and cough that was just getting worse. I took Heather’s cough tincture and by day two it was gone!”
~Dylan S.

“My third degree burn was intolerable with each passing second, and then thank heavens, just one door down, Heather whipped up a custom essential oil blend which gave me immediate relief on contact! I continued to use it the second day and by day 3 didn’t even need it. There is absolutely no scar!”
~Dr. J. Lipham