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1oz                  $12
2oz                  $18

A unique blend with a deep woodsy aroma, Chillax evokes a strong sense of relaxation and relief while promoting balance. With hints of chamomile and blue tansy, this is the most popular blend. Great as a massage oil (in fact)

Calm & Strong

1oz                  $10
2oz                  $16

With essential oils of fir and cedarwood, this aids your body in releasing tension and anxiety; assists with calming the nervous system, uplifts the mood, and instills a sense of internal strength.

Caregiver’s Blend

1oz                  $8
2oz                  $14

For those who take care of everyone else; provides superior support for encouraging calm; grounding, empowering and assists with boosting the immune system; enriches your sense of self

PTSD  Blend
(Post Traumatic Stress Disappears)

1oz                  $14
2oz                  $20

To assist in managing stress and anger; instills a sense of vitality; a harmonious blend which promotes happiness and calm without making you drowsy

Pain & Inflammation

1oz                  $10
2oz                  $16

Encourages a healthy inflammatory response, therefore supporting the body’s optimal natural functioning; made with helichrysum, black pepper and more, this blend stimulates circulation in the joints and muscles; helps sooth constricted conditions

All Trauma Blend

1oz                  $14
2oz                  $22

An elixir to uplift the spirit, tonifies the central nervous system; encourages the diffusion and release of shock; promotes balance and clearing of the mind

Sleepy Time

1oz                  $8
2oz                  $14

Promotes a sound and restful night’s sleep!

The 7 Thieves Blend

15mL               $15
20mL               $20

A blend of 7 oils which synergistically act as antibacterial, antiviral, and protects you against viruses like ebola!


5mL                 $5

All essential oils are therapeutic grade, organic whenever possible, wild harvested and/or sustainably collected and always tested to ensure purity. Oils are obtained from small distilleries all over the world, preferably where the plants from which the oils are extracted are natives. These artisan distillers take great pride in extraction techniques which ensure the greatest medicinal properties are maintained within their oils.

When you inhale essential oils, they travel from your lungs into the bloodstream, also crossing the blood/brain barrier. Simply spray once or twice in your hands, rub together and inhale. The longer you inhale, the more powerful the therapeutic effect. All the blends here are designed to be used topically as well, as in massage, or applied to local areas where relief is desired. You can also simply spray some oil on a cotton ball or handkerchief and enjoy the aromas.