The Gym Package


The Gym Package: Make this your new workout buddy and enjoy great body feedback.

Topical spray magnesium is an optimal way for the body to receive this essential nutrient which is depleted daily by stress, and is necessary for optimal muscle functioning.

Inflammation is the root cause of so many discomforts in the body, so reducing it is essential for optimal body functions.

Toxin clear is a custom herbal extract made with a locally harvested herb in addition to sustainably sourced Burdock Root and others. This tincture is designed to support the body’s immune system in combating environmental toxins.

Combine these with a custom herbal tea blend, Digestif, and you have a very happy post workout body to enjoy. Some like to call this skinny tea, as it goes great before and after a meal, supporting the body in absorbing all the nutrients we strive so hard to get from our foods.

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